A Step by Step Guide to Buying Tyres

Your car’s tyres are one of its most underrated safety features. A quality set of tyres can keep you and your family safe, and they can give you better ride quality, increased fuel mileage, and prolong the life of your vehicle. However, buying discount tyres can be difficult – especially when it’s only done every few years. Before buying tyres, you should consider your local climate, and think about how you drive. Here, you’ll learn more about buying tyres in Australia.

When Should you Buy New Tyres?

If you take your vehicle in for service on a regular basis, your repair technician will tell you when it’s time to change your tyres – but it’s important to recognize the signs of tyre wear yourself. There’s a quick test you can do yourself; look for the tyre’s wear bars, which will show when tread depth is too low. If you see dry rot, breaks or tears in the sidewalls, or if repairs cannot be done, you’ll need a new tyre.

Seasonal Tyre Selections

Australia has a temperate to hot climate, meaning that all-weather tyres are a good choice. However, on the rare occasions cold weather hits, all-weather tyres can become slick and hard. Electronic four-wheel drive, ABS and contraction control are great features to have, but they’re not a substitute for having the proper tyres on your vehicle.

Tyre Buying Tips

Buying wheels and tyres in Melbourne is a good idea in most cases, but sometimes you really do get what you pay for. You shouldn’t base your decision solely on price – be sure to buy the right style and size of tyres for your vehicle. Making the wrong choice now can mean inconvenience (and repair expense) later.


Where you Should Buy Tyres

One thing most people don’t think much about is where to buy tyres. With everything being otherwise equal, it’s a good idea to buy your tyres from a trusted Australian vendor. Shopping locally is a good thing, and it can save you a lot of hassle and money. Why? Tyres come with warranties, and you may not be able to get service under that warranty if you’re hundreds of miles away from the vendor that sold you the tyres.

If you want to shop locally, it’s important to be flexible. Consider buying tyres from an online vendor; they often have tyre specials you can’t find anywhere else. Buy your tyres online, and have them shipped to a local installer. You’ll get your warranty service at the same place, as these installers are also authorised to perform service.

Check out this video to see how easily you can browse for tyres online:

You should never underestimate the importance of having a good set of tyres on your car or 4WD. Your tyres are your car’s only point of contact with the road, and as such, they should be of high quality. By replacing your tyres at the right time, choosing the right set for your vehicle and the way you drive, and buying from the right vendor, you can keep your car on the road and your family safe. If you do decide to consider purchasing your 4×4 wheels, tyres or even 4×4 accessories online, definitely consider using a trusted dealer that offers country deliver and fitment gaurantee. I hope you enjoyed reading our car tips for buying tyres. Thanks for reading!


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