“Queen of the Carolina Sea Islands”

波弗特, the second oldest city in South Carolina, is part of the large and growing economic, cultural and recreational hub that takes in parts of the Georgia and South Carolina coasts. 

The city is 75 miles south of Charleston, 55 miles north of Savannah and 40 miles from Hilton Head Island. Surrounded by majestic coastal marshland, it is only minutes away from 30 miles of clean beaches.

A Rich History

Throughout its history, 波弗特 has been home to many peoples. Traces of the first inhabitants, the Archaic Indians, date back 4,000 years. The first Europeans arrived in 1521 aboard Spanish galleons. For two centuries after the Spanish landed, they—along with the French, English and Scots—battled over the coastal plain, while Yemassee and Tuscarora Indians fought to protect their claims. 

Though 波弗特 is still considered a small town, the population of the country of which it's part has nearly doubled since 1990, 从86年开始,425 to 162,963. With a steady stream of new residents and military personnel, a booming tourism business and sea island development, this growth is likely to continue. 

Many Recreational and Educational Opportunities

 The city's recreational venues include boat landings and marinas, public parks, championship golf courses and tennis courts, with fishing, other nature-based activities and historical and architectural tours on ready offer. The city is served by a strong mix of public and private schools as well as two postsecondary schools: University of South Carolina 波弗特 and Technical College of the Lowcountry, a major workforce training institution. 

Most of the year 波弗特 is blessed with warm coastal weather. Though the winter months can get chilly, 秋天, spring and summer bring temperatures averaging from the breezy 60s to the sunny 90s.