Car Tyres: A Guide To Finding The Perfect Fit

Tyres have a major impact on your life as they affect the way you drive, so it is important to find the right ones. But, finding the right tyres is not easy as there is a huge variety of them to choose from, and choice makes the decision harder. In fact, it can seem daunting. If you don’t know anything about tyres, you need to understand the basics before you hand over your cash. Here are the factors to consider.


You can only fit tyres that fit the specifications for your car. The first thing to do is to make sure you don’t buy tyres that are too big or too small. To do this, take a look at the vehicle’s handbook or the wall of the tyres. Either should provide you with the information you need. Still, you need to know what this information means. The numbers go as follows: the width; the ratio (width to height); rim diameter; load; and speed. If it still sounds too complex, write the numbers down and ask for assistance.



Obviously, you want the best quality tyres possible. To find the best ones, you have to know which tyres are famous for their quality, and which are infamous. On the whole, the premium tyres are the best, the mid-range ones are okay, and the budget tyres are at the bottom of the list. To find out more about the best and worst tyres on the market, click on the link.


As you may know, the price could stop you from buying the best quality available. If that is the case, you need the next best thing. What you need to do is write down your budget and then see what money you have. Then, you can find out which tyres relates to your budget. Some people will be able to afford every range of tyre, whereas others will only be able to afford the cheapest option. Whatever you can afford, make sure you don’t go over budget. Tyres are important, but they are not worth getting into debt for.

summer tyres on snow

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The weather and the road conditions will dictate what tyre you need to fit on your car. The Dunlop Sport BluResponse is a summer tyre that is perfect for the warm, dry roads. But, it struggles during the winter as it doesn’t get the grip that it needs to stick to the road. From your point of view, you need a tyre with a thick tread that can provide more friction. Winter tyres are the best option at the moment as the weather is poor and the roads icy. Always adapt your tyres to the conditions on the road to make sure you are as safe as possible.

Vehicle Type

Although cars are the most common form of vehicle, they are not the only vehicle on the road. If you have a van or a motorbike, you will need a different type of tyre than a car. You cannot fit any vehicle with the same tyre as they all have different specifications.

Make sure you fit the correlating tyre to your vehicle.

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