Get Replacement Parts for Car Doors of any Model of Car

Door handles, molding, and the shell of the door can be replaced easily when you find these car parts online. There could be dents or your car might as well need to be repainted. You can easily look for replacement auto parts on Parts Avatar Canada that ships car parts to your doorstep. This makes it easier for car owners to save time and find the car parts they are looking for. If you have given your car for testing and lost the door, you can find the one that fits like a fiddle into the car.

Sports cars and smart cars have a unique make and customized doors that can be constructed for these cars. Change the glass, hinges, handle, and any minor or major auto parts of the car.

Service tools for various car parts available online

Parts Avatar is a one stop shop for all kinds of car tools and replacement auto parts available online. For car indicators, panel doors, grills, car grills, and any minor or major part of your car, you can get replacement car parts shipped to your address. You can also avail customized options for fog lights and tail lights. Parts of the car doors and handles are available from a variety of reputed manufacturers. For moulding of the car doors, you can also find remote control options that suit the model and make of your car. It is ideal to keep the manual of your car handy to know the manufacturer of each part of the car. Also, technical specifications on these manuals make it easy for you to search for auto parts for your car.

You don’t have to sign up online to buy parts for your car

Though, it is recommended that you sign up, it is not a compulsion to shop online for replacement auto parts. Signing up gives you the opportunity to track orders and get updates about different auto parts and information about discounts and offers. You can also find gull windows for your high end cars that have automated door mechanism. These are windows that are operated with electric motors. For cars of all models and make, you can place an order for any damaged auto parts and upgrades. You can also find aftermarket auto parts for supercars on this online portal.

Customer friendly services available 24×7 for buying car parts

You can contact them via email or phone to enquire the availability of any of the car parts. They will give you immediate response without keeping you in waiting lines. Shopping on this portal is easy. The navigability and placing an order is a simple mechanism that does not require the user to be tech savvy. Shipment for the car parts that you order is possible overnight depending upon your location and logistic facilities. You can also order for car parts that are out of stock in advance and get them shipped as soon as they are available.

Battery and lighting equipment for car parts

Extension cords, and batteries for various car models are available for shipment. Garage supplies, such as lighting oils, lubrication, dyes, and other car maintenance materials are available to shop online. Thermometers, heating and cooling supplies and systems in different model and make are available for purchase. Smart battery charges for your car are available that detect fault and polarity of the car battery that is installed. They also have display settings that provide feedback of the battery installed during charging. They come with a warranty of 1-year. These car battery chargers can be used for repairing batteries and charging them speedily.

All the products are shipped within Canada

Customers living in Canada can save a lot of their time shopping online for car parts and get the shipment delivered at their door step within a short span of time. You will be receiving information about the date and time of delivery in the invoice that will be sent to your email. If you do not receive the shipment within the time mentioned in the invoice, you can raise a ticket to complain about the same. All the queries and complaints will be attended with due attention to finding quick and effective solutions.

Send back failed car parts to Parts Avatar and get a deposit

The failed and damaged parts of your car are sent for recycling and remanufacturing to auto parts manufacturing companies. When you buy a replacement auto part, you can send back the core, which is the failed car part to this company and get a deposit. You can send the core part along with the Return Order Page instructions. This is an environment friendly option provided by this online portal that protects the environment from adding these failed metallic car parts to landfills. In a way they also help waste management companies to sort out car parts for recycling. Customers have to bear the shipping cost to return the core car parts to this company.

Saving environment from toxic materials

The core car parts that the customers send are sent for refurbishing and reusing. This protects the environment from toxins produced due to more than 50,000 tons junk that is disposed as a waste, annually. All the parts are not sent to landfills as they are not biodegradable. Any car part that is not functional can be sent back to this company for recycling and protecting the environment.

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