How to Wash Your Car all by Yourself

Most of the people love to wash their vehicles themselves with their hands as it improves the person’s state of mind and at the same time enhances the vehicle’s appearance. It’s really good as washing it frequently would maintain the new car finish and would make you feel as if you brought it few days ago. But there are a few things which you should keep in mind before you start washing your car because you may accidently scratch or degrade the car finish. Parts Avatar Canada is here to make you aware of some basic car washing tips.

What sort of products should I use?

Don’t… use the basic household cleaning agents like the hand soap, detergents or some other material on the paint. They are not made to be used on a car and that’s why they may strip off the protective wax.

Do…use a specific car wash product which is specially made to be used on automotive paint. The lower edges of your car’s body as well as the wheels are often full of grease and road tar. This can be really irritating to remove all these stubborn deposits. Just use a soft cloth to get rid of these deposits.

Do…use a different sponge to clean your car wheels and tires. They may be covered with sand, dust or any other rough material which would lower down the car’s finish. Using a mild soap with water can be good in this case. One can also use a wheel cleaner if required. Search for a cleaner that is labelled as safe for use on all wheels.

Some of the General Guidelines which you should follow while washing a Car

Don’t… wash your automobile when its body is extremely hot, this means that one should not wash their car after immediately driving it or after it has been parked in the direct sunlight. The main reason behind this is that the soap and water would dry faster on the car due to excessive heat. This would increase the chances of spots on the car.

Don’t…move the sponge in circular positions. The main reason behind this is that it would cause scratches and swirl marks. What you should do is to move the sponge in length wise direction across the hood and various other body parts. If your sponge has been dropped on the ground, then make sure to properly clean it before you start using it again. Many of the dirt particles may get trapped on the sponge and they may scratch the paint of your car.

Do…rinse all your car surfaces thoroughly with water before you start washing so that all the dirt and debris gets that would cause scratching gets cleared away. Keep this thing in mind that you need not rush into anything, wash and rinse one section completely first and then move forward to the another section. Start from the top and then slowly work your way all around your automobile.

Ways to dry your car once you are done cleaning it

Don’t…let your car air dry because it would leave watermarks caused by minerals in hard water. One more thing to be kept in mind here is that you must not use an abrasive towel as it might leave scratches in the paint.

Do…use a soft and fluffy towel. If you want to dry your car with a towel, then you may need several towels to do this task. You can also use a soft squeegee to remove most of the water from the car body, but you must be sure that the rubber is pliable.

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