New Bugatti Veyron Supercar Concept

The Bugatti Veyron is called one of the world’s fastest cars. Normally, the modern design and super-efficient powertrain should be enough for any automotive enthusiast; but, the well-known artist, Yazid Design, decided to take things step further.zz

With his new idea, Yazid Design has reimagined Bugatti Veyron as both a supercar, believe it or not, pickup truck. A glance on the artist’s rendition shows Bugatti’s standard look with just one exception; a bed of pickup truck behind the car.

This isn’t the only model to have been given combination treatment. Only a few months ago, Yazid Design came up with the same rendition for McLaren P1. However, the concept of putting the bed on the back of Veyron is dampened by the prospect of the reduction in the automobile’s aerodynamics.

The addition would ultimately cause the car’s high speed to go down from 254 mph to 245 mph. Still, a concept has evoked interest amongst many, though it might never become a reality.

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