The Top Five Cars to Look Out For Over The Next Few Months

There are some beautiful luxury cars just out this year and we’ve surveyed all of them for you and whittled them down to the top five.

So if you’re thinking of buying a luxury car, or just want to dream, here are the ones to keep your eye out for.

Ford Mustang


If you want to get somewhere as fast as possible, and look great doing it, this reboot of the classic American muscle car should be top of your list (just stay clear of my neighbourhood).

This Mustang is so popular that in many new markets like Australia Ford has had to set up a dedicated website to handle the extra traffic (pun intended). There have been over 1200 orders from over 200 dealers, and over 15,000 ‘expressions of interest’ from customers – all before the price was even announced.

The large, burly body is powered by either a 2.3L four-cylinder turbocharged engine or a whopping 5.0L V8 that is sure to cut through the road like a hot chainsaw through butter (but twice as loud).

The Mustang is available as both a coupe and a convertible but its selling quick – get in there fast to avoid the dreaded waiting list.

Volvo XC90


If you’re looking for something on the complete opposite side of the spectrum, this Swedish 2017 Volvo XC90 is the ‘safest and most hi-tech’ car Volvo have ever produced.

This family oriented seven-seater is powered by a selection of engines according to model, with the flagship being the ‘twin engine’ T8 hybrid, which uses a turbocharged petrol engine to power the front wheels and a 60kW electric motor for the rear wheels.

The huge range of safety features available include:

  • An adaptive cruise control that automatically assists in acceleration, braking and steering
  • A radar system that covers your blind spots
  • Mirrors that reduce glare from the headlights of other drivers

If you like to feel secure on the motorway then this is the car for you.

Porsche Cayman GT4

If the Mustang is the crocodile on our list, then the Cayman, like its reptilian namesake, is its slick, compact cousin. With a top speed at an eye-watering 183mph and its 0-62mph at 4.4 seconds, pushing the accelerator to the floor in the Cayman will be like firing out the barrel of a gun.

This car is made for the track. The fixed rear wing provides enough downforce to keep you stable round corners and at breakneck speeds, and Porsche’s Track Precision smartphone app is designed to record your lap times down to the millisecond and display them on the dashboard.

Jeep Renegade


This sleek beast has a huge range of features for both modern, urban professionals and off-road adventurers. The standard model is the Sport, and there will be 3 additional models to suit all needs: the Longitude, the Limited and the Trailhawk. It is currently unclear when/if these additional models will reach Australia, but we should find out more towards the end of the year.

The Renegade has already been released in Europe and was a top 10 finalist for 2015’s ‘World Car of the Year‘. It comes with either a 1.4L turbo-charged petrol engine or a 2.0L turbocharged diesel hooked up to a nine-speed automatic transmission.

Each model comes with a varying selection of comforts and cutting-edge safety technologies, such as a DAB touch-screen radio, voice command, collision warnings and built-in Satnav.

Jaguar XE


If you fancy something more sophisticated, Jaguar is claiming that the XE is the most ‘advanced, efficient and refined sports saloon’ it has ever produced.

After some reliability issues with their 2002 X-type, Jaguar have gone back to the drawing board for the design. The beautiful aluminium chassis is propelled by either a 2.0L petrol engine or a 2.0L turbo diesel engine called the ‘Ingenium’, which can provide a stellar 4.0L/60mph. These will be coupled with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

For the techies, there is an 8 inch touch-screen console that controls the stereo, climate control and built-in Satnav, with its interface based on smartphone ‘stretch’ and ‘swipe’ gestures for intuitive control.

Models to come include the ‘Prestige’ and the ‘Sport’, which will have a supercharged 3.0-litre V6 with a 0-62mph time of 5.1 seconds.

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